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The only company that provides a Certificate of Grade. We put the power of data and appraisal in the hands of buyers and suppliers, instilling trust and transparency all along the supply chain.

Big Tree grades, verifies, appraises and certifies the cannabis you are buying or selling using the ICHS standardized 100-point scale


See a 90% reduction in returns and refusals

95% faster inventory turns

60% increase in Fair Market value

Qualitative and Quantitative data to assess your purchase or harvest

Transparency: quality verification means knowing exactly what you’re buying before you buy it

Know exactly what your product is worth before you sell

Appraisal and Grading Services

Appraisal Report

Receive a high level, working appraisal for your crop by strain and product type with minimum commitment and cost.

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Certificate of Grade (COG)

Support your decision making with data. The COG provides a complete qualitative and quantitative analysis of your material, including appraisal and real time market insights.

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Grading as a Service

For the serious cultivator committed to reaching their full potential. We offer three flexible levels which include COGs, regular scheduled visits, consulting and customized data reporting.

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Clear and Concise Market Value Data

Our cannabis specialists evaluate and qualify cannabis and hemp material using the ICHS process, standards and 100-point scale to create a Certificate of Grade (COG) which provides clear, concise data on market value and material attributes and progress tracking from harvest to harvest. Utilizing our proprietary purpose-built grading application, our COG, and the services of on-the-ground expert graders, we put the power of data in the hands of buyers and suppliers which instills trust and transparency all along the supply chain.

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Fair Market Pricing

We assess the fair market price for the market value of products based on market transactional pricing data and qualitative and quantitative data collection. From this we are able to appraise product to determine if the price is high, low or at current market value. Appraisal creates true fair market pricing based on this data. Our Big Tree cannabis specialists never set the price, the market does.

Data and Insights

With over 250,000lb graded in Washington State alone in 2020 and access to 10s of millions of dollars of bulk wholesale cannabis transactions from localized regional markets, Big Tree is in a unique position to provide market insights from an exclusive and proprietary qualitative and quantitative perspective.


See price range by quality and product type

Product vs. Market comparisons

2018 - 2020 historical market pricing by month or product type

^ above three become final three standards reports

Included with Grading as a Service or available a la carte

Customized reporting starting at as little as $99

A trusted partner and advisor

Big Tree’s team has performed more than 5,000 site visits and has worked closely with over 1,000 cannabis and hemp operators. As a member of the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS) organization, we have utilized and implemented the world's first qualitative and quantitative process for standardizing plant material.

We have cultivated a wealth of knowledge and best practices that we provide through our consulting services. Our first consultation is always free, and after discussing how we can best support your business, we provide you with a detailed project quote or hourly rate based on your needs.


Best Practices

- Manufacturing

- Production

- Processing

Material Standardization

Cost Analysis